Terms & Conditions

At this particular time in the Client’s life, it is important for us to be clear as to the terms on which I will be providing my services to the Client. Please therefore read the terms below and if the Client has any questions, let me know. I look forward to working with the Client. 

  1. Andrea Binks Divorce Coaching Service: 

1.1 The Client and the Client’s coach will agree the scope of the divorce coaching which the Client is seeking at The Client’s initial consultation. 

1.2 Consultations will take place over Zoom, or by way of telephone calls.  1.3 Please note that Andrea McClean’s coaching is not psychotherapy, counselling or  psychoanalysis and nor does Andrea McClean provide mental health services or advice. It is  not, and is not to be used as, a substitute for appropriate professional advice. In particular,  it is the Client’s responsibility to seek professional guidance for legal, medical, financial,  business, mental health or other specific matters from an appropriate, professional adviser. 

  1. Fees: 

2.1 Andrea McClean’s hourly fee is £95, which is payable in advance. Andrea McClean’s hourly rates are subject to change, but 30 (thirty) days’ prior written notice will be given in  such circumstances. The rate which the Client will pay will be specified on the Agreement,  which will constitute part of the Client’s Agreement with Andrea McClean. 2.2 Travel expenses and Andrea McClean’s time are charged for any consultations held  outside Andrea McClean’s office (117 Grifon Road, Chafford Hundred, Grays, Essex RM16 6RL) when travel is agreed and required in the future. 

2.3 For the avoidance of doubt, travel expenses time are charged for consultations held in  the Client’s home. 

2.4 Where travel expenses and Andrea McClean’s time are to be charged, these will be  discussed and agreed with the Client, in writing, prior to the coaching consultation. 2.5 Payment for a coaching consultation must be received by Andrea McClean no less than  24 hours before the time agreed for the coaching appointment. 

2.6 Payment must be made by bank transfer, although Andrea McClean reserves the right to  alter the payment mechanism from time to time. 

2.7 The Client will be responsible for the booking of and the cost of any consultation venue  outside Andrea McClean’s office (117 Grifon Road, Grays) if required. 

  1. Cancellation and missed consultations: 

3.1 If the Client is unable to attend a consultation, Andrea McClean must be informed as  soon as possible. If the Client simply fails to attend a consultation or does not give the  required notice (more than than 12 hours notice), Andrea McClean reserves the right to  retain the fees paid.

3.2 It is important that the consultations start at the agreed time. If the Client is late for a  consultation, the consultation will (in any event) be deemed to have started at the agreed  time. 

  1. Liability: 

4.1 Andrea McClean’s coaching is provided with all reasonable care, skill and with  experience. Subject to that, Andrea McClean does not accept any liability to the Client. In  particular, Andrea McClean gives no warranty as to what the Client may achieve as a result  of Andrea McClean’s coaching. The Client is responsible for the actions he/she does or does  not take following the coaching received by the Client. 

4.2 To the extent permitted by law, Andrea McClean’s maximum aggregate liability in acting  for the Client is capped at what is recoverable by Andrea McClean under her professional  indemnity insurance cover from time to time; a copy of the relevant policy is available (upon request). 

  1. Confidentiality: 

5.1 Any information the Client passes to the Andrea McClean is entirely confidential and will  not be disclosed to others, save in circumstances in which Andrea McClean’s withholding of  information might result in harm to the Client or others, or which may lead to legal  proceedings of any kind, or as may be required by the law. It is, of course, not possible to  protect the confidentiality of information that is transmitted electronically through emails  and computers connected to the internet that do not utilise security or encryption  protection. 

5.2 In the event that consultations are conducted in a group format, the Client agrees to  maintain the confidentiality of all information communicated to the Client by Andrea  McClean’s other coached Clients. 

  1. Termination and Refunds:  

Regarding Termination, the following will apply, 

6.1 The Client or the Client’s coach may terminate the coaching relationship at any time, by  giving appropriate, prior written notice. 

6.2 In the event that the Client’s coach terminates the coaching relationship, then, as far as  possible, Andrea McClean would give the Client reasonable notice and would explain the  reasons to the Client. 

6.4 The Client may use his/her own style of cancellation provided he/she makes it clear that  cancellation is intended.