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Counselling for Children and Young People

Are you worried that a child or young person in your care is struggling with thoughts, feelings, emotions, or situations that they can’t cope with on their own? Are you concerned that you are unable to provide the level of help and support that they need by yourself? 

Don’t panic – you have come to the right place. 

I’m Andrea, a single mum of 2 and I am here to lend a supportive hand to help the child or young person in your care to work through the obstacles that they are currently facing. After going through a life-altering experience that had a significant impact on my own children I know firsthand how important it is to be able to reach out and access additional help and services when you need them.

Why might you be looking at counselling for a child or young person in your care?

Children and young people are no different to adults, in that they can struggle to process certain situations or emotions. They can suffer with anxiety and depression in the same way that an adult can and they may also experience bereavement or trauma that they need help to work through.

We often think that children are ‘resilient’ and will ‘bounce back’ after an event, but in truth that isn’t always the case and even if it were, we should still be actively seeking to support, guide, and help the children and young people in our care.

Seeking out counselling doesn’t mean that you have failed as a parent or carer, it simply means that you understand that the child/young person in your care needs a different type or level of support than you can offer. It may be that the child or young person needs someone completely outside of the situation that they can talk to. Children and young people can find it very difficult to open up and speak with family members or other adults that are already if their life. They may feel embarrassed, ashamed, or worried about what the outcome may be. Having someone to talk to who is removed from the situation can often be a relief and give the child or young person a more open form of communication that can help reassure them.

Common reasons why a child or young person may need counselling:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Issues processing
  • emotions
  • General difficulties at home or at school

There are lots of other reasons, both big and small, why children and young people can benefit from counselling but the above list gives a good indication of the most typical reasons that I see children and young people.

Are counselling sessions for children and young people different to those for adults?

Every session I hold is different and is fit for the individual I am counselling, but naturally with children and young people I take a slightly different approach. In the first couple of sessions, you will find that my focus is on building a relationship with the child/young person. It is important that we build a strong rapport based on trust and respect and so this, rather than ‘counselling’, is the initial focus. I take a holistic approach as I get to know the child or young person and use a variety of different tools to help create engagement at the right level and in the right way for the individual.

Some of the tools I use include:

  • Play therapy toys;
    • Sand
    • Play-Doh
    • Slime
    • Characters
  • Emotions cards
  • Worksheets
  • Games


Everything is done in an age-appropriate manner and takes into consideration any learning difficulties that the child/young person may also have.

Sessions run for 45 to 50 minutes, and we go at a pace that is suitable to the child/young person, which may mean that we take breaks from what you might view as ‘counselling’ so that we can regroup, refocus, and recenter their emotions as needed. This allows the child/young person to get the most from their sessions without ending up feeling overwhelmed.

Single session

Charged at £50.

Block book six sessions

Charged at £285 (a saving of 5%).

Paid in advance of first session and non-refundable.

Block book ten sessions

Charged at £450 (a saving of 10%).

Paid in advance of first session and non-refundable.

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