Essex’s Premier Counsellor

About Me

Putting your trust and faith into another human, sharing your biggest struggles with them and opening up to discuss painful feelings and events it’s an easy task; I know and appreciate that, which is why I want to tell you a little about myself. I want you to get to know my character, my values and my morals so that you can come to me knowing that I am the right fit for you.

My name is Andrea, I was born and raised in Essex and at the age of sixteen, started training as a dancer, singer and actress. After working globally in the performing arts, I became a senior presenter on a shopping channel and enjoyed that role for over fifteen years. My passion for the performing arts continued and I opened a theatre school as well as getting married and having my two incredible children. 

Life was good. 

Then everything changed when, almost simultaneously, I lost my dearly wanted third child via miscarriage, found out that my beloved mum had breast cancer, had to have my dog re-homed, the channel I was working for closed down, and to top it all off I found out that my husband was having an affair! My world was quite literally turned upside down and I was left spinning.

I’m telling you this because it’s important that you know that I understand what it feels like to be struggling with life, to still be trying to juggle all the balls, even though things are crashing down around you. I know the emotional rollercoaster that you’re on and how you just want it all to stop. My divorce took five years to complete, we went back and forth to court over both childcare arrangements and finances. I can truly say it was the worst five years of my life.

I felt like everything that had ever mattered in my life was being stripped away from me. I was in a constant battle, with myself and with others, and it was exhausting. My quality of life was suffering, my children were suffering, my friends and family were suffering. Life felt bleak for a very long time.

But I was, eventually, able to turn things around. I found a new purpose and passion in supporting and helping others. The dark time of my life has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that drives my passion to help you. I wish I had reached out for help when I was going through my ‘hell’, as not only would it have rescued me from my own dark thoughts and feelings, but it would have ‘no doubt’ saved me thousands of pounds and a lot of heartache in the process.

At the heart of me...

I won’t sit and spout nonsensical platitudes at you. I’m not going to tell you that we are only challenged by the things that we can overcome and which will make us stronger. I know exactly how infuriating being told those things can be, so you are not going to get that from me. Instead, what you will get is someone that listens, and I mean really listens when you talk. Someone who offers unconditional support in an empathetic and non-judgemental way. I have a friendly and relatable approach and I want the sessions we have, to be collaborative so that together we can find the very best tools to help you on your journey.

Remember I am here to help you live the life you desire. I regard integrity as the core element and the centre point of my counselling practice.


I have trained comprehensively so that clients receive not just the learnings from my personal experience, but also my extensive professional skills which will help them. I have the following qualifications which all lead to being able to offer you a comprehensive, holistic support service:

BA Honours (First-class) in Integrative Counselling

Access to counselling

Level 3 Child Psychology

Level 2 ESCB Safeguarding Training

Level 2 NCFE CACHE Understanding Domestic Abuse

Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People Certificate

Accredited Breakup and Divorce Coach

Positive Psychology Coach

Introduction to Taking Therapy Outside

Certificate in Understanding Eating Disorders

Certificate in Working with Bereavement

Certificate in Working with Coaching and The Natural World

You can find happiness again and I can show you how, so let’s talk.

Love, Andrea