Privacy Policy

The privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) provided in this notification applies to the website (Website”) of Andrea McClean. 

Furthermore, when you make a purchase from Andrea McClean, the Privacy Policy will apply also to the  agreement (“Agreement”) that you, the client (“Client”) makes with Andrea McClean for the supply of Andrea  McClean’ services (“Services”) and the Privacy Policy will form part of such Agreement. 

Andrea McClean is personally committed to safeguarding the privacy of each Client and the following explains  Andrea McClean’ practices of information-gathering in relation to the Website and to the Agreement. 

  1. Data that Andrea McClean must collect from Client. 

Andrea McClean invites Client to contact Andrea McClean with requests for our Services. The first time Client  makes such a request, Client is requested to provide to Andrea McClean certain, limited items of personal data  when registering for Andrea McClean’ Services, which data would include Client’s name and email address. To  enable the purchase of the Services to be affected, payment details will also be required. Certain further items of  Client’s personal data may also be needed by Andrea McClean to enable it to affect the Services. Such further  data would normally include Client’s full home address (including post code) and phone number. I do not store  credit card detail or do I share financial details with any 3rd parties. 

  1. Safeguarding of data. 

Under the Data Protection legislation and rules of the UK, the EU and the EEC, there is an obligation on Andrea  McClean to comply with certain practices to ensure that any data given to Andrea McClean is processed with  proper care and attention. In any event, however, Andrea McClean is committed to safeguarding the privacy of  Clients. Andrea McClean uses strong, proprietary security measures to guard against any misuse or removal of  the data contained in its database. Please note that while Andrea McClean shall use proper care as regards the  transmission of data, it must be understood and accepted by all parties using Andrea McClean’ Services that the  internet is inherently unstable and such instability includes its security; consequently, Andrea McClean cannot  guarantee the security of any data transmitted via the internet (by way of example, but not necessarily  exclusively, email) and shall have no liability for any disclosure resulting from the instability of the internet. 

  1. Highly limited access to your data. 

In relation to the very few items of data Andrea McClean requires to collect from Client in order to provide the  Services, Andrea McClean secures such data carefully and securely. Only Andrea McClean has access to such data and Andrea McClean will not disclose to third parties unconnected with Andrea McClean any personal data  which Client provides to Andrea McClean without Client’s prior, written consent, unless the governing law  requires otherwise. No item of Client’s data will be sold to or otherwise provided to third parties for any marketing  purpose, though Andrea McClean may send Client marketing information from time to time unless Client informs  Andrea McClean that they do not wish to receive such marketing information; for the avoidance of doubt, Client  can change his/her mind at any time as regards future receipt or non-receipt of such marketing information. 

  1. Compliance with UK, EU and EEA data protection legislation. 
  1. a) UK: Andrea McClean applies its Privacy Policy with full compliance with and reference to the Data Protection legislation of the United Kingdom, based on the General Data Protection Regulation and The Data Protection Act  1998 (“DPA”) as may be altered or replaced from time to time. Andrea McClean treats its responsibility in this  regard very seriously. 
  2. b) EU: In addition to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the DPA, Andrea McClean will comply with the provisions of the current, relevant European Union directives, as well as any new rules, regulations, or legislation that may come into force at any time. 
  3. c) EEA: In compliance with the relevant legislation and regulations of the European Economic Area (“EEA”) regarding data protection, a Client who resides in the EEA is hereby informed that the data controller of Andrea  McClean is:  

Andrea McClean’ registered office is 117 Grifon Road, Chafford Hundred, Essex, RM166RL, United Kingdom.

  1. Consent. 

By a Client’s use of the Website and/or the Services of Andrea McClean, Client agrees to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and consents to Andrea McClean’ collection of and processing of the few items  of data requested by Andrea McClean to enable Andrea McClean to provide the Services. 

  1. Links to third party websites. 

Where the site contains links to third-party sites, this Privacy Policy does not apply to such sites. 7. Accessing, Correcting, or Removing Client’s Data. 

Client has the right to check whether Andrea McClean holds personal data about them, to access such personal  data and to correct any personal data about them that is inaccurate or out-of-date. If Client wishes to exercise  their right of access to their personal information, or if they wish to make further inquiries or complaints about the Privacy Policy of Andrea McClean, Client should send an e-mail for the attention of Andrea McClean at: In the event that Client wishes access to their personal information, Client will require  to verify their identity to Andrea McClean. For providing such access, Andrea McClean will not make a charge to  Client. It is understood and accepted that the processing of such an application for access may take up to 30  days. 

Where the disclosing of an item of information would interfere with the privacy rights of another person, or where  it would breach confidentiality attaching to that item of information, Andrea McClean will be obliged to withhold access from certain portions of Client’s database record. 

  1. ‘Cookies’ and their use. 

‘Cookies’ are small items of data stored by the browser on the computer’s hard drive. Andrea McClean may use  cookies, to let Clients move through the Website without the need to re-submit data for each fresh page. To learn  about Andrea McClean’ use of cookies, follow the Website link to Andrea McClean’ Cookie Policy. 

  1. Changes to Andrea McClean’ Privacy Policy. 

In the event that Andrea McClean makes changes to its privacy policy (whether for business reasons, or because  of legislative changes) such alterations will be posted on these Privacy Policy pages and may also be announced via the Website. 

  1. Governing Law 

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the Law of England and Wales and all persons using this Privacy Policy  shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts regarding it.